Where is todays challenge for E-Commerce retailers?

The mobile phone replaced the desktop PC as a first contact back in 2016. Since then, the percentage has continued to increase and will tend to increase to over 80% in the next few years.

However, there are still very low conversion rates for mobile phones vs. desktop. The conversion rate on the desktop is still almost twice as high as on the mobile phone. However, this is not due to the mobile input channel, but to the still missing mobile-optimized websites. The customer is ready to buy mobile, but many websites do not yet allow this. Thus, the mobile input channel wilts to a necessary evil that you have to invest money without a really good return on investment.

Far worse is the fact that many online retailers switch off this mobile channel entirely due to the poor ROI and no longer advertise. A fatal mistake with drastic consequences for future growth. It is better to expand the mobile capabilities of the website instead of ignoring the mobile input channel. Many customers look for offers on the internet in the moments of boredom.

These moments are usually not at home but during some waiting times, e.g. on the train, at the doctor's or on a relaxing weekend trip.

Even if there is only browsing, many customers come back afterwards and complete their purchase. This can also happen on the desktop. However, only if the customer has already received all the necessary information for his purchase decision on the small mobile display.

The big challenge today is ........ to transmit all the necessary information to the customers via the small mobile screens. ESCON can help you with years of experience from extensive crowd tests.


What can premade shop systems offer?

Premade shop systems such as Shopware or Magento only offer you a basic shop with a checkout process already installed. There are also various providers of premade shop systems in online printing who claim that it would be very easy to generate sales with them. Unfortunately, most providers come from the area of ​​closed shop systems and do not have sufficient experience in acquiring new customers via paid entry channels such as Google, Yahoo etc. Because of this, few startups with premade shop systems are really successful. Extensive programming is required to adapt the premade systems to today's requirements.

An exclusive link from a paid advertisement to the mainpage or the product page is no longer sufficient today. Landing pages and special offers for new customers increase the chance of a purchase and are already state of technology.

There is a lot of catching up to do with providers of premade shop systems. Without an offer of online marketing modules, they cannot be as successful in the long run as their customers.

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