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Make your E-Commerce platform ready for the future

Many E-Commerce retailers still don't use Landingpages for their PPC (PayPerClick) channels. They send people over paid ads to unrelevant entry pages which do not pickup the customer correctly. That drives the conversionrate down and finally slows down also the growth of the company.


Existing and startup E-Commerce platforms need to adjust and optimize the user experience to todays needs

The customer journey gets more important as more people use mobile devices. Today already over 60% spend between 30 and 45 minutes per day on a mobile device.  This small screen sizes make it a real challenge to get all needed informations for a product transferred to your customers.


Years of practical experience in combination with online DNA

The many years of experience of the founder of ESCON Consulting from the establishment of an international online printing portal allows us a holistic overview of all the necessary requirements for today's e-commerce platform.


We develop your business model

We develop your business model together with you from the beginning and help you in choosing the right website systems for front- and backend. We consult you in creating your detailed businessplan so that you know your upcoming costs in detail.

Online Marketing

We analyse exiting marketing channels or consult you in finding the right channels for your startup. As earlier as you use our services as more money you can save. The ridge between "earn or burn" is very thin in online marketing!

Agile Management

We help your management to understand the needs of todays online world. That makes them better managers  and lead them to success. We allow you and your management to better understand your employees with online DNA. You will also be able to check their work results in detail.


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